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Agro-Business Cooperative Society Ltd is close to Karimabad, Gilgit-Baltistan, PK-GB, 15700

  • Address: 8J8V+H5H, Hunza, Hyderabad, Hunza, 15700
  • Latitude, Longtitude: 36.3164491, 74.6429964

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Agro-Business Cooperative Society Ltd reviews
2023-09-20 Yasir

The quality of products and services provided by Agro-Business Cooperative Society Ltd is exceptional. The cooperative offers fresh and high-quality agricultural products, which are often organic. The cooperative also provides various services related to agriculture, such as consultancy and training programs, which are very beneficial for farmers. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of products and services provided by this cooperative.

2023-09-20 Fiza

I had a great initial impression when I first visited Agro-Business Cooperative Society Ltd. The cooperative has a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff. The cooperative is well-maintained and organized, which reflects the professionalism and dedication of the management. Overall, my first experience at this cooperative was excellent.

2023-09-20 Khalid

The facilities and amenities at Agro-Business Cooperative Society Ltd are top-notch. The cooperative has well-equipped storage facilities to ensure the freshness and quality of the agricultural products. The cooperative also has a spacious and clean market area where customers can easily browse and purchase products. I am highly impressed with the facilities provided by this cooperative.

2023-10-05 Aisha

My overall experience with Agro-Business Cooperative Society Ltd has been wonderful. The cooperative offers a wide range of agricultural products at competitive prices. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and they always assist me in finding the right products. The cooperative also conducts regular workshops and training sessions, which have been very informative and beneficial for me as a farmer. I highly recommend Agro-Business Cooperative Society Ltd to others.

2023-10-10 Imran

The wait time at Agro-Business Cooperative Society Ltd is minimal. The staff is efficient and prompt in serving customers. I have never had to wait for a long time to purchase my desired products. The cooperative also offers reservation services, which is convenient for customers who want to reserve specific products in advance. Overall, the wait time and reservation process at this cooperative are excellent.

2023-10-15 Nazia

The value for money at Agro-Business Cooperative Society Ltd is excellent. The cooperative offers high-quality agricultural products at reasonable prices. The prices are competitive compared to other marketplaces, and the quality of the products is always top-notch. I always feel that I am getting my money's worth when I shop at this cooperative.

2023-10-20 Bilal

The customer service at Agro-Business Cooperative Society Ltd is outstanding. The staff is friendly, professional, and always willing to assist customers. They provide helpful recommendations and information about the products. The cooperative also has a dedicated customer service team that handles any queries or concerns promptly. I am very satisfied with the customer service provided by this cooperative.

2023-10-25 Samina

The ambiance and decor at Agro-Business Cooperative Society Ltd are very pleasant. The cooperative has a clean and well-maintained environment, which adds to the overall shopping experience. The display of the products is attractive, making it easy for customers to navigate and choose their desired items. I appreciate the effort put into creating a welcoming ambiance for customers.

2023-10-30 Arslan

I have had many personal experiences with Agro-Business Cooperative Society Ltd, and they have all been positive. The cooperative has become my go-to place for purchasing agricultural products. The quality of the products is consistently good, and the staff is always friendly and helpful. The cooperative also offers convenient payment options, which makes the shopping experience even more seamless. I highly recommend this cooperative to others.

2023-11-04 Farah

The quality of products and services provided by Agro-Business Cooperative Society Ltd is satisfactory. While the agricultural products are fresh and of decent quality, there is room for improvement in terms of variety. The cooperative could offer a wider range of products to cater to different customer preferences. However, the overall experience at this cooperative has been decent, and the staff is polite and helpful.

2023-11-09 Hamza

The initial impression and atmosphere at Agro-Business Cooperative Society Ltd are average. The cooperative lacks a welcoming ambiance and the staff is not very engaged with the customers. The cooperative could benefit from improving the overall atmosphere to make it more inviting for customers. However, the products are of good quality and the prices are reasonable.

2023-11-14 Sara

The facilities and amenities at Agro-Business Cooperative Society Ltd are decent. The cooperative has basic storage facilities, but they could be better maintained. The market area is also quite small, which makes it difficult to navigate when it gets crowded. However, the cooperative offers a good selection of agricultural products and the staff is friendly.

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